Interactive Design, Engineering, Fabrication, Installation

Our team's challenge was to create a site-specific architectural scale installation that would engage the public and create a fun, social atmosphere for the community. Bubbles was not only a spectacle that stopped traffic, but excited visitors by allowing them to influence the physical space around them. The installation consists of large interactive bubbles that inflate and deflate in reaction to the changing occupancy of their surrounding space. The space starts out packed with bubbles and transforms to just a canopy as the space fills with visitors. In collaboration with Foxlin (Michael Fox and Juintow Lin) and Brand Name Label (Gabriel Renz). American Institute of Architects Honor Award.

WB GAMES E3 2011

Exhibit Design, Graphic Design, Fabrication, Project Management, On-site Supervision

11,000 square foot exhibit space

For E3 2011, NON designed and built an 11,000 square foot exhibition space for Warner Brothers Games. The objective of this design is to immerse the gamer into the environment of each game while maintaining a consistent branding system that unites the world of WB Games. For feature titles like Batman and Lord of the Rings, large scale graphics provide background to themed kiosks. Large cylinders hover over each of the kids games vividly bringing characters from the games to life. Visitors pass through a 100' long WB Games motif to enter the lounge and meeting spaces.


Public Art, Fabrication, Installation

Hollywood's film industry transports people to other settings through the framed view of the screen. Apertures of Nature is about framing details. Precise views of foliage, branches, shadows and bark are captured in pockets of seamless white space. This piece focuses on the celebration of simple beauties that may often go unnoticed. Installed in Plummer Park, West Hollywood for a period of four months.


Exhibit Design, Retail Design, Experiential Marketing

The convention hall disappears as one passes through the broken sewer tube into the stylized dank sewer lair from Nick's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles brand. The sound of water dripping echoes through the space while sirens and footsteps reverberate from the street level. Layers of sewer grating creates the street level and Manhattan looms overhead mapped onto giant prints. A multitude of interactive areas such as sewer tubes, periscopes, pinball machines and surveilance monitors reveal trailers and sneak-peak footage of the new TMNT. Visitors exit through a sewer tube with display portals flowing into the Nick Shop.


Exhibit Design, Graphic Design, Fabrication

For PACKiT's new line of freezable personal coolers, they wanted to create a colorful kitchen atmosphere to demo and display the product. Like a cutaway set, it would combine both functional and faux fixtures, branded lifestyle imagery and illustrated iconic kitchen elements. With minimal size, weight and assembly, it housed lit cabinets to showcase products, a central demo island, refrigerator and chest freezer hidden within the base cabinets.

WB GAMES E3 2012

Exhibit Design, Graphic Design, Fabrication, Project Management, On-site Supervision

10,000 square foot exhibit space

To feature the latest games from Warner Bros., this exhibit features multiple areas for brands such as Lego, Batman, Lord of the Rings and Nintendo Wii U. The space also housed eleven meeting rooms and a theater for game demos and trailers.



The BRAILLE BAG is part of a collection encoded with pieces of a short story. Not until they are all acquired will the full message be revealed. The soft wool felt is smoothly embossed, leaving the dots in the pattern soft and fuzzy. Nickel rivets hold together the durable construction.



FLIP light, a tactile luminaire that changes color when it rotates. Playing with a FLIP light enables the user to find any color in the spectrum of light by simply rolling it, tossing it and spinning it, creating animations of light which are in direct response to the interactions taking place. Acrylic and Corian with 8-hour rechargable “LIFE” battery with plug-in charger. 6" Diameter.


Exhibit Design, Graphic Design, Fabrication, Project Management, On-site Supervision

7,500 square foot exhibit space

Private demonstrations are held in theaters built of glowing translucent walls on the inside and a lit pixel motif wrapping the outer surface. Low, angled kiosks host many of the games, while the "Darksiders" is housed in capsules that one can sit inside of and play. The scrim signage doubles as an enclosure, accommodating a private meeting room, staff rest area and VIP lounge.


Creative Office Design, Fabrication, Construction Management

Under construction: NON designed digital agency Hoverstate's new LA headquarters along with custom workstations and furniture. An open floor plan with exposed brick, concrete floor, truss ceiling and HVAC ducts replaced the low drop ceiling and tiny cubicle offices. Custom light fixtures array outward from the new glass conference room which divides the space into offices, lounge, and open workstations.



We got tired of perfectly flat tables so we made TOPO, a series of Corian tables with built in, reconfigurable landscapes. Molded plastic inserts drop into the table to create functional topographies that make a home for plants, paper-clips and oranges.